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 Embark on a journey of hope.

Sadly, due to the current Covid-19 crisis, we are suspending the planned August cruise program. Stay tuned for updates on this and future programs. 


You've lost someone important in your life. You're grieving. Embark on an enlightening journey of transcending loss. Learn strategies for coping with grief, celebrate loved ones, and share your experience with others on the same path who understand … because they are in the same "Bereavement Boat."


The Good Mourning Journeys program is designed to help you deal with your loss and embrace change. It offers you motivational seminars and inspirational discussions with international best-selling author, spiritual director, and  psychotherapist --

        Ashley Davis Bush.

Plus: Healing Workshops * Self Care Sessions * Facilitated Support Groups * and more! 


A change of place and scenery could be just what you need at this difficult time. The Inaugural Bereavement Cruise, hosted by Good Mourning Journeys, has suspended its scheduled cruise for August 2020. We look forward to scheduling the perfect retreat in 2021. Hope to see you then.

Grief over losing a loved one is universal. Take a proactive step and contact us about our upcoming bereavement cruise.

Become a Sponsor and support those who are experiencing deep loss, yet taking this positive approach to finding new hope. Sponsorship, Presenter, and Donor opportunities available.

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